What is ICMEMO


IC-MEMO is one of ICOM’s 31 International Committees. IC-MEMO was founded during ICOM’s general Conference in Barcelona (Spain) on 3 July 2001.

Commitees as IC-MEMO are global think tanks on museums and heritage issues. They define the museum professional’s standards, share scientific information, establish partnership with other organizations and develop recommendations for ICOM members.

To apply for IC-MEMO membership you need to join ICOM.

If you are already a member you have to advise ICOM that you want to become a member of IC-MEMO downloading and filling in this form http://icom.museum/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/membership/FormIC_ind2012_ENG.pdf and choose IC-MEMO.

Membership questions may be directed to: Markus Moors MoorsM@kreis-paderborn.de (secretary of IC-MEMO)