International Committee of Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes

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November 15, 2022

ICMEMO International Conference 1-5 November 2023 The Netherlands Conference

You are all invited to join us on Nov. 1st, 2023 in The Netherlands for the presentations and discussions that encompassed how museums address experiences of war and violence and give them valuable meaning, for the present and in the future. Given current events around the world, the topic is more relevant than ever. The conference is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn about new advances.
Dutch memorial museums are in the midst of re-evaluating their approach and developing new strategies for exhibition and education. A large number of institutions have recently radically changed and adapted their museum presentation, such as the Anne Frank House. In September 2021, the impressive Holocaust Names Memorial designed by Daniel Libeskind was unveiled in Amsterdam and the new National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam will open its doors in 2023.

The conference includes visits to memorial museums and sites such as former Nazi concentration camps Westerbork – Vught – Amersfoort.

ICMEMO is one of ICOM’s International Committees. The aims of ICMEMO are to foster a responsible memory of history and to further cultural cooperation through education and through using knowledge in the interests of peace, which is also a key goal of UNESCO. The purpose of these Memorial Museums is to commemorate victims of State, socially determined and ideologically motivated crimes. The institutions are frequently located at the original historic sites, or at places chosen by survivors of such crimes for the purposes of commemoration. They seek to convey information about historical events in a way which retains a historical perspective while making strong links to the present.