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March 30, 2021

Open Meeting on Museum Definition 30th March Meeting

Dear Members,
Don’t forget to join us for an open discussion on ICOM’s new Museum Definition. We want to hear from you, and this time, live!
Tomorrow MARCH 30th at 16h CET (Paris) 12 midday in NY and 12 midnight in Kyoto.
ICOM Define co-chair Lauran Bonilla-Merchav will join us live to present an overview of the current Methodology, why it was designed that way and discuss in-depth this stage of the consultation.
After the presentation, we will open the floor to you. We want your input.

As you know, before April 11th, we will be submitting up to 20 keywords/concepts which we suggest should be part of the new definition. Before we do, we’d very much like to hear from you!

To join, please register online:
Back in January, we sent you a request for submitting keywords/concepts* that you consider essential to be included within a new museum definition.
*Prior to our meeting, and to clarify any doubts on what a key word/concept is, we invite you to look over the prior definitions proposed and adopted by ICOM so as to guide you through the process of conceiving your own keywords/concepts. Here are a few examples randomly chosen within the currently adopted definition (2007):
  • ‘Open to the public’ (keyword/concept): ‘Museums are public spaces that should be accessible to different audiences and sectors of society. The word ‘public’ refers to the museum users but also to the whole population addressed by it’ (description).
  • ‘Conserves’ (keyword/concept): ‘Addresses both the action and the intention to protect cultural property, whether material or immaterial (description).
  • ‘Tangible and intangible heritage’ (keyword/concept): ‘Refers to all-natural or man-made goods and values, whether material or immaterial, without the restriction of time or space, whether they be simply inherited from the forbears of earlier generations or gathered and preserved to be transmitted to the descendants of future generations.’ (description).
(These definitions were inspired by what is put out by ICOM in the publication “Key concepts of Museology”).
The ICMEMO Board has appointed a team guided by its Vice-Chair, Markus Moors to collect your submission.
Please JOIN US on March 30th and remember to send your keywords/concepts to

ICMEMO Open discussion 30th March